Work With Me – Coaching by Kamal

Work With Me

Why work with me?

I once believed that it was enough to have a good degree and to work hard and well.

Now I know that people who truly get results use their degrees and their work ethics only as a starting point, this is their benchmark. In order to excel, to do better than others, to get more from life and to give back much more to those who are less fortunate it is essential to have different skills, the skills that raise your effectiveness, the clarity of your vision, ones which keep you motivated and focused and those who bring out the best in you. Once you learn those skills, nothing in life will ever be the same, you will excel and you will appreciate your life so much more as you will be noticing the effectiveness you are capable of that you never believed you could be capable of and all will come quite effortlessly.

I have applied the Effortless Effectiveness System in many areas of my life but 3 areas are my main focus and these are the ones I want to share with you.

Effortless Life Coaching

Effortless Effectiveness Coaching

I love entrepreneurship and business environment. I have always worked for businesses or in businesses and having a MBA helped a lot along the way. But not until I applied Effortless Effectiveness System in my business activities I could really call it a success. Now I am my own boss, I can easily apply both my hard-learnt business skills and Effortless Effectiveness skills, which give me freedom to work at my pace and get results consistently.

Having an MBA, and BA in Marketing and Quality Management combined with Life and Business Coaching ACTP Certification from Erickson Coaching International (World Leaders in Coach Training and Development), I was able to develop the Effortless Coaching principles, try them out on myself and now share with those who are struggling the way I used to before.

So if you are hard working and ambitious but feel that you are not effective enough, and that you’re constantly out of time and feel you have much greater potential I will be happy to support you on your journey to Effortless Excellence.

Effortless Weight loss and Fitness Mindset Coaching

I have been a sports fanatic pretty much my whole life… since I remember sports have been an essential part of my day. I have always been better than good but nothing in comparison to how much I exceled since I started applying Effortless Effectiveness principles in my workouts, diets, daily practices. I have managed to lose 60 kilos which is almost half my weight during my heavier days which took me years to take off because it kept coming back as soon as fell of the wagon.

It wasn’t enough not to eat and to exercise aggressively to be fit and lean there is a mindset and set number of principles that can work for you or against you.

This is what I have learnt and as soon as I shifted the principles in my favor things started to change. Workouts started bringing a completely different results, I could see how I change from week to week. The results became permanent and so-so never came back. So, now when I see so many people struggling with weight loss, fitness motivation, health goals, general health issues I know that they have most possibly done everything except the most important thing – build the right mindset. And the right mindset makes you excel almost from the moment you begin, while the wrong mindset is like a jammed wheel in the most amazing and luxurious car… it is not going anywhere no matter how many more gadget you put in it.

So if you feel your wheel is jammed and you would like to turn your diet and fitness story around once and for all … join me and we will create a mindset for you that will make every single meal work for you and every single lung build muscles with unshakable dedication and motivation.