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Kamal Chaballout is the creator of The Effortless Effectiveness Coaching System,

which is a proven and tested method that transforms aspirations and dreams to reality in the fastest and most effortless way possible.

Kamal Chaballout is an internationally certified coach who has merged the best practices from both the business and coaching world and added to them the skills he has obtained from her educational background in Marketing and Quality Management to propel business and life coaching to the next level.

Who is the Effortless Coach- KC?


These programs cover the three main areas:

1. How to lose weight and get the body of your dream so you feel good and be confident

2. Effortless effectiveness techniques for success

3. A brand new approach to life that would make your family and friends want to seek your advise and follow your lead

Here is how to book a free session with me, drop me an email with your full name and number and the best possible times to schedule an appointment.

The first session is completely free, So if you would like to know more about any of the programs, schedule an appointment.

Thank you for reading this and looking forward to seeing you!




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